Too Cute

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Bed time has been difficult the last few weeks. Both kids protest and seem to daily improve their delay tactics. One is very good at delaying by taking on daily chores, remembering something that has to be done or cuddling up to you and luring you in to reading or talking about karting. The other seems to be perfecting the "waterworks" and tugging at your heart strings, needing to "talk" to you on pressing matters at preschool or demanding that they get a glass of water, use the bathroom, floss their teeth, etc.

Then, there's musical beds.

It's tiring. They may be putting us to bed soon.

After some negotiations and tears, one little boy did give in and go to sleep, after it seems he got out if bed and pulled some toys and necessities into bed with him. Wo doesn't need to sleep in their replica Confederate hat?

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