Sick Day

Saturday, January 26, 2013
Oliver and I are at home today while Matt and Chloe are skiing in the Catskills. It's been a cold week and Oliver has been sniffing and coughing for most of it. He has a virus and we thought it best if we took a day at home to let him recuperate.

Oliver and I built a fire today and we've spent most of the day relaxing near the fire. Oliver appears to be feeling better and since we were hanging in the living room, he wanted to know if it was Christmas (I guess hanging in your pajamas and sitting around a fire in the living room made home think it was Christmas). I told him it wasn't Christmas which caused him to ask when he would get presents. Hmmmm. I told him he would get presents on his birthday.

"No!" he said. "My birthday is for Chucky Cheeses! You're taking me but staying in the car with Daddy and Chloe!"

"Who's going inside Chucky Cheese's with you then?" I wanted to know.

"Emma Claire!" he responded.

While I certainly hope his little sister is home from China for his birthday, I don't think I will be sending him in CC's with a 1 year old by himself (no matter how much I would like to avoid the dreaded rat pizza place).

P.S. As luck would have it, it seems that when you hang all morning in your pjs relaxing, that is the morning that 3 different neighbors will ring your doorbell.

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