Official Word--The Stork is on the Way!

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Just got an email from our agency that they have confirmed the 10/17 cutoff and that referrals are on the way. It shouldn't be much longer!!

On a related side was eight years ago today that we found out that we didn't make the cut off date, that China had split our August LID month in half after referring full months at a time. We had been fully prepared to receive our referral and were crushed we would have to wait another month to see our beautiful Chloe. I thought of how things have come full circle, and eight years later, for our 2nd adoption, we are in and we can't wait to see her face!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! China is such a long wait...
I have been following your blog since we picked up our two boys from Toukoul in June '11. We were with Dove as well.


Nanou Mimosa said...