2013 Club Race #1

Thursday, April 18, 2013

This past weekend was the first club race for the 2013 season. Chloe is just racing Micro this year, but Matt is also racing DD2 in the "shark tank" of the Masters class.

Matt took both kids up on Friday night to spend the night at the track and I stayed home, spending the evening making a wreath and changing light bulbs!!! Super exciting.
Everyone in their race suits. Emma Claire was given a pink race suit by the track owners. So very tiny and cute!

Saturday was practice and Chloe's Micro crashed into the wall during laps when the suspension came loose. Chloe is always so calm and matter of fact about accidents. It didn't seem to phase her. I'm always impressed with her composure.

Sunday was race day and Chloe came in first during the pre-race qualifying giving her a good start to the final Micro race. Unfortunately, luck was not on her side and a wire came loose on her kart severely limiting the power and she had to come in out of the race. She was very disappointed because she thought she would win the race and a podium finish. It was upsetting to see how disappointed she was.
Matt racing.

Back to the pits.

He doesn't want to drive, just look the part.

Matt participated in his first races as well. The Master's series is hard core and those guys race. Matt is the only DD2 in the series and races alongside TAG and other shifter karts.

Next weekend its off to south Jersey for a regional race. Lets hope Chloe has better luck!

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