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Friday, April 12, 2013
The flight home from Texas was uneventful. I had worried because severe thunderstorms were supposed to hit the north Texas area about the time we were to take off from DFW. Luckily, it was only raining and we departed on time.

We flew cheap-o air and I was pretty nervous about the flights after having read horror stories on line. I discovered though that if you are aware of cheap-o air's luggage rules and procedures then it is no problem. I also discovered that 3/4 of people don't read rules and thereby make things difficult for the other 1/4 who do.

The kids are pretty good flyers---once they can use their electronic devices.

Waiting on our luggage--Oliver crawling all over the filthy floor of LaGuardia. Disgusting.

Little man helping with the luggage with Chloe taking the other suitcase up front. I love this picture.

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