2nd Copy Arrives

Monday, April 22, 2013
Our 2nd copy of our i800a approval arrived in the mail today as expected. So far the postal service is 50/50 on critical adoption documentation.

I started organizing all our paperwork and passport copies for the travel binder we will take to China. Two copies of our 1-797--check. Thanks USPS.

Our i800 application/paperwork arrived on Thursday, April 18th at the lockbox. I haven't received the text confirmation, I guess I will wait for the mailed confirmation. It seems the average processing time for the i800 right now ranges from 14-18 days. That means we could potentially get our approval on my birthday!!!!

I am thinking we will travel in July. I truly hope before (who doesn't) but July is the most likely. I am slowly beginning to plan what we will pack. Emma Claire is in the far northeastern part of China and the average summer temperature is 68F. We will be there for one week before going to the southernmost province of China where we will spend a week in 84F with 82% humidity.  Shorts and sweaters?

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