Happy Easter!

Monday, April 01, 2013
Oliver is at an age where he understands the day is special and  to some extent the meaning of the holiday. Like this morning when he was getting dressed for church and out of nowhere asked me, "Is Jesus coming over to our house to hunt Easter eggs today?"

The kids got dressed in their Easter outfits, sent by BeBe, and we went to church for the annual Easter Egg hunt with church following. There was no Sunday School for the kids so we had both kids in the entire service. A certain three year old does not do well in big church. Lots of wiggling, removing the pencils, envelopes and books in the pews, pestering, and demanding to go to the restroom in the middle of the sermon. Not fun.

All dressed up for Easter. The hat Chloe had on was meant for Oliver's outfit but he wanted his favorite hat.

This was the first year Oliver "got" egg hunting.

Chloe climbs up a tree in her Easter finest for an egg while an audience looks on. Very ladylike.

Finding some hidden eggs in the church sign.

Mom & the kids.

We went home after church and had a late lunch. Matt and the kids cleaned his car and then we had an egg hunt at home. I thought the kids were going to get in to a fist fight over the one golden egg. Oliver spotted it in the tree and Chloe snatched it. There was some pushing and shoving but in the end Oliver decided Chloe could have it. He had gotten a ring pop in his Easter basket and that was priority #1.

Somehow Chloe managed to find all but one of the eggs with money in it. She made $9 on the egg hunt!!

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