Saturday, April 13, 2013
We received word via email that our i800a was approved on 4/11/13. I had just written the post below when I saw on RQ that someone had been assigned an officer (see Edited to Note at end of post) so I decided to send off an email to see if we too had been assigned an officer. I got an immediate response back from our assigned officer (also the officer who responded to my first inquiry a few weeks ago via email) that we had been approved and it was in the mail. Now that I know it is approved and on its way I only have to worry that our crazy postman will deliver it to another house as is typical of our mail delivery!!! Always have to worry about something after all.


You know how thing seem to be moving along rapidly for other people, then it is your turn and they seem to come to a complete standstill? That's where we sit with the i800a. Still not assigned an officer after filing 36 days ago. I also heard on our FB adoption group that the longest anyone knew it took to get i800a approval was 3 weeks after fingerprinting. Guess what? It's been over three weeks since we were fingerprinted and we still don't have an officer assigned to even look at our file to approve us.

I am remembering back to 2004 when we filed our i600a and on day 90 (the very last day USCIS had to approve/deny you) our agency and social worker spent hours calling/emailing trying to get someone at USCIS to respond to our case. Finally, late in the afternoon and after our agency recommended I start pulling out the big guns and contact our US Representative, USCIS managed to approve our file and called me to ask if they could fax it to me. And, in 2006, when we began this adoption, it was almost a repeat performance for the USCIS, but they managed to get it in the mail just shy of the 90 days. Of course, we didn't have our referrals then, just waiting on that last piece of paper to complete our dossiers.

But, in 2009, our I-171H arrived only 1.5 weeks after fingerprinting.

Who knows? It's a mystery. And, once we have our approval, we get to turn around and repeat the waiting game with USCIS again for our i800.


Edited to note: Just after I clicked "Publish", I logged into the spreadsheet on Rumor Queen's paperchasing section in the forum to see that someone with a receipt date of 3/6/13 got word they were assigned an officer. We have a receipt date of 3/5/13. That should mean we have FINALLY been assigned an officer too.

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