Club Race #2

Monday, May 06, 2013
We spent the weekend at the track. The weather was fabulous.

Oliver was concerned about spending the night "in the deep, dark woods." I don't know where he gets some of this stuff. Chloe came in 2nd place in Micro and drove really well. She is improving--getting faster and managing the other drivers.

Scenes from the weekend---

Oliver jumped in and helped clean up the RV on Sunday morning.

Chloe after a race. Our babysitter braided her hair on Friday night.

Matt in his DD2. Matt had to leave the track early Sunday to catch a flight to Florida for business.

Oliver took a nap on Sunday---a sure sign he had fun.

Chloe accepting her trophy.

Oliver accepted Matt's trophy. He knows the drill.

Oliver also knows how to talk smack and ham it up against competitors. Another little boy wasn't very nice to Oliver, causing lots of tears and a few meltdowns at the track this weekend, refusing to have anything to do with Oliver and calling him "too little"  and other names. He refused to play with him and would try to convince the other kids to ignore him. We had the same incident with the kid at the regional race last weekend. He isn't a very well-behaved or nice child.  After Oliver received the trophy, he went up to the other boy and said, "I have a trophy and you don't!".

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