Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
I didn't have all three kids with me on Mother's Day. I had two out of the three. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking that IF our home study had been done quicker and we had our i800a approved when we got our referral then we WOULD be in China picking up Emma Claire. But, that would mean I would be with only one of the three kids on Mother's Day.

Soon enough we will all be together.

I did get what I wanted for Mother's Day. Don't laugh. It's just what I wanted. A power washer.

Matt assembled it and I got to fire it up on Mother's Day. I have a list of many things I would like to accomplish/clean/get done before Emma Claire's arrival home. One of them is power washing the house and our back patio. We have a whole list of toys we can also use the power washer for---go-karts, RV and a boat. It will come in handy.

But, what a mess. Our back patio is next to our neighbors yard. Our town only allows 3 ft. fences so in order to screen your backyard people plant trees and hedge rows. Our neighbors, nice as they are, have possibly the messiest screen of trees---an evergreen and a holly. Every needle and prickly leaf lands on our patio. He also has his vegetable garden next to our patio so when he waters we get the run off. Yea for neighbors!!! It is a mess. But not after the power washer tackles it!!!

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