Rotax Regional Race

Wednesday, May 01, 2013
This weekend was the Rotax Northeast Regional Race in south Jersey. Last weekend, Chloe's micro chassis broke at a weld and it meant that we had to purchase her a new chassis and get it put together before she and Matt left on Friday to race. It all came together at the wire and Chloe was able to participate.

It was a stressful week purchasing and ordering a new chassis, having it shipped and then assembled in time to race. To add to the stress, Matt's DD2 needed repairs. Matt spent some late nights trying to pack and organize.

Matt loaded up the RV with the karts and drove 2.5 hours to south Jersey for the race weekend. Chloe came in third place on Saturday and Sunday. Oliver and I stayed at home on Friday and Saturday and came down to watch the racing on Sunday.

Some photos from the weekend---
On the podium on Sunday. The kid in 2nd place looks confused because he is...he didn't race, he's a photo stand-in because the kid who came in 2nd had to leave early.

The fan club. Oliver meets Chloe at pit inspection for a high-five after her race.

Waiting for inspection.

Chloe and Matt at the track.
Chloe racing, this is a professional photograph.
Some of our racing pals & Chloe with their trophies after Saturday's race.

And in case you think it's all racing all the time---this is what Chloe does with her pals in between racing while Dad is wrenching....
Chloe and others going for a ride on a kart stand.

Why don't we all get on the kart stand and see what happens when we go down hill? Yea, she kind of got in trouble from us for attempting this one.

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