Having Fun with Uncle John

Monday, May 13, 2013
Uncle John came back in town again this year on his motorcycle, driving cross-country from Arizona. The kids enjoyed seeing him and spending time with him. He got to trek around with me in the day, karting the kids to their activities. He and Chloe also had their musical jam session that included the violin, two child-sized guitars and a keyboard. We took him to the track on Saturday and he drove karts with Chloe (in the rain).

Chloe had begged for this blow up ball the kids can roll around in. We had purchased it before Uncle John's arrival but the weather hadn't cooperated and it has about 400 seperate compartments to blow up and I wasn't looking forward to that task. But, guess who the kids got to blow up the ball and roll them around the yard---Uncle John!!!

The ball was a big hit and it hasn't popped yet!! The kids loved having Uncle John roll them around the yard!!

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