Oliver's 5th Birthday

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Oliver's 5th birthday was Monday and I took a snack to his pre-school class to celebrate. Since he had his party on Friday, we kept the day low-key. Oliver did wonder if he was six years old instead of five since he had a party on Friday at home and celebrated at school on Monday. Nice try little guy.

Oliver and I at pre-school. I brought in Dunkin Donuts in the shape of a number 5. Ollie loves DD and half of his pre-school class has June birthdays. Oliver told me he didn't want any more cupcakes!

Having snack with some of his pre-school class.

Oliver and I reading The Three Ninja Pigs to his class.

The kids went outside after snack.
 After pre-school we took Oliver out to lunch.
BeBe & Oliver.

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