Oliver's Pre-School Graduation

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Oliver's last day of pre-school was today and he is headed to kindergarten in September. BeBe stayed to come see his pre-school graduation ceremony and it was very cute. The kids wore bee shirts with all their classmates names and recounted what they learned each month of the school year. Oliver's speaking part was for the month of January. They also sang songs.

The kids walked across the stage and got their pre-school diplomas and afterward we had a party/celebration.

Walking in.

On stage.

Oliver doing his speaking part.

Singing a song about a little green monster.

Getting his graduation cap from his teacher.

Walking across the stage.

And what else do you do with a pre-school diploma but use it as a spy glass?

The kindergartner.

Oliver and his pal Matteo.

Oliver with some of his best pre-school buds.

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