Orchestra/Choir Concert

Thursday, June 05, 2014
Thursday night was the spring choir, orchestra and band concert. The school district we are in is ranked one of the top public school districts in the nation for music education. Music education is a priority and starting in 4th grade all students participate in orchestra, band and/or choir. Chloe chose to participate in orchestra and choir.

Chloe plays the violin and she started playing through our school district in NJ, but lessons were outside of school for 30 minutes once a week. At Chloe's new school, music is part of the school day.

Needless to say, Chloe's playing has come such a long way from last year. It truly is amazing how far she has come, playing "Mississippi Hot Dog" (a pre-Twinkle, Twinkle song) to playing Beethoven's Ninth.

Chloe told me on the way to the concert, "I want to go back to {my old school} and play. They wouldn't believe what I could do!"

And it's true.

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