Pre-School Circus (Gymnastics)

Monday, June 23, 2014
It was another weekend with many things to get done around the house while having many of the kids activities competing with getting them accomplished. Oliver had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and we had to leave the party early to go to his end of the year performance for gymnastics -- The Pre-School Circus.

This is Oliver's second year taking gymnastics. He loves it and there are many boys in his co-ed class. This next year he will be in a "boys only" class where he will be evaluated for the competition team. Most of the time in class he likes to joke with the other boys in the class. Once again, he's the "little mayor" of the class.

The gymnastics performance was comprised of several classes and there were lots of parents, grandparents and friends to cheer the kids on. So, excuse my photos, many of them contain random arms that belonged to a cheering parent or grandparent.

A video of Oliver on the bars with assistance from his teacher -

Other photos from the day -

The kid is limber. Not a gymnastics or karate class goes by that an instructor or parent doesn't say something to me about how limber Oliver is.

Being silly as always.

Apparently pink and orange were the popular colors to select for the shirts. Oliver was the only one in blue.

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