Twenty-Two Months Old!

Friday, June 06, 2014
Eleven months at home and nearly two years old! Today Emma Claire is 22 months old!
Emma Claire loves pushing her baby stroller around. Unfortunately, she doesn't like pushing baby in the stroller.

Caught in the act...playing in Mommy's makeup drawer.

  • Her language continues to progress. She seems to have held it all inside and now it just comes out pretty easily. I put a headband on her the other day and she pointed to it and said, "Hurt!". I didn't know she knew that word. So, off the headband came.
  • People think she is shy. She is around strangers. At home she is sassy and vocal.
  • She likes to play Spiderman like her big brother. It's cute.
  • She likes to twirl in her dresses.
  • Still waking in the night and now refuses to go back to sleep unless she's moved to Mom and Dad's bed. So, between 3:30 and 5 a.m., she comes to our bed. This is 10 months of her waking nightly (we had one month of no wake ups!) and it all seems to be in an effort to sleep with Mom & Dad. I like my sleep, good thing we have a king-size bed.
  • Her favorite color is purple. It could possibly be her favorite word too.
  • She enjoys being outside.
  • Her favorite food is still yogurt and she is well-aware of where it is kept and on what shelf in the refrigerator and can get pretty vocal in demanding it.
  • She also demands "appy jooz" (apple juice) pretty vocally too. She is often disappointed and given water though I am pretty certain the words to her generally means she wants a drink.
  • Her favorite toy is her pink rocker pony. She wouldn't touch the thing then one day she just climbed on a started rocking back and forth. She has no fear now and has to be closely supervised on it so she doesn't tip herself over.

Next month we celebrate 23 months old and one year in our arms!

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What a sweet baby!!!