Regional Races 3 & 4

Monday, June 09, 2014
June is always busy. Stressful busy. I have another 15 cubic yards of mulch and about 1000 square feet of flower beds to finish weeding and laying mulch. Add to that Chloe's birthday, Oliver's birthday, Father's Day, Oliver's birthday party, a saltwater fish tank to get installed, clean up from basement repairs, cleaning up the barn for said birthday party and the usual end of school year festivities.

To say I was looking forward to spending the weekend at the track is an understatement. I had a lot of other things to do.
Chloe in the pits.

But, it was an important regional race (counts for national rankings) and Chloe is trying to chase down the points to lead the series. Its been some great racing so far this season with 4 top competitors fighting it out every race. I didn't want to miss it. So, I put everything on the back burner and we spent a lovely weekend at the track. And I am very glad I did.

Saturday Oliver had soccer so we came to the track in time for the final race. Chloe started in third spot after a bad start in the heat race. She ended up finishing 2nd in the race. After the race, we went to eat with some fellow race pals at a nearby Italian restaurant. It's always great fun to see the kids be kids after a race day and play with their competitors.
Saturday's podium finish.

For Sunday's race, we got to the track early. It was a hot day and we let Chloe sit out a practice session so she wouldn't be tired for the heat and final races. She dominated in practice, the heat and the final, running her fastest times ever.
Chloe takes the flag in Sunday's race.

Sunday's podium.

I was so nervous watching her start on pole in both races. I kept checking my blood sugar thinking I was going low. Instead, I was just profusely sweating and my heart was pounding from nerves. Matt was all tears. Chloe was cool as a cucumber.
I had to throw in this one of Emma Claire. It was a HOT and sunny weekend requiring lots of sunscreen and lots of water.

Chloe and Emma Claire at the awards on Saturday.

When the Micro world champion tells you, "Good race." and asks if you want to hang out and watch the Juniors race you should say "yes". Chloe & Dylan have actually known each other since her start in karting as OVRP is his home-track too.

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