China Travel Plans

Wednesday, July 03, 2013
Since getting our TA, we've been working on all the ins and outs of traveling to China and bringing Emma Claire home.

First step was getting our Consulate Appointment. We requested July 25th as our CA but got our 5th choice, July 30th. It seems that once the CCC*WA started re-issuing travel approvals and clearing out the backlog, the July consulate dates started filling fast. Others who received their TA's only a day after us got consulate appointments a week after us and getting confirmation took much longer.

Second, was the decision that Matt would stay at home with Chloe and Oliver. We have lots going on--selling our home, buying a new home, moving from one state to another and adding a third child to the family! It seemed the best decision to have my sister travel with me instead of watching the kids.  Matt will stay with the kids, work from home (it's also quarter-end in the financial world---very busy time) and oversee the repairs and renovations on our new home as well as keeping the ball rolling on the sale of our current home. It is still up in the air as to when we will close on our new home. We prefer sooner rather than later, and you think the seller would too, but the attorneys who control the real estate sales in our part of the country don't seem to care either way and Matt is spending a lot of time trying to convince them to get on with the process and get the deal closed.

So, my sister will be traveling with me. When only one parent travels, there is extra paperwork that has to be done and authenticated and I have been trying to take care of these new requirements. Our agency has also been working behind the scenes to coordinate the entire trip and adoption. We got our itinerary tonight.

July 18    Leave U.S. and fly to Harbin, China via stops in San Francisco and Beijing
July 19   Arrive in Harbin on Friday evening China time (Friday morning U.S.)
July 20   Free Day to explore Harbin
July 21    Free Day to explore Harbin 
July 22    Meet Emma Claire!   
July 23    Finalize adoption
July 24    Museum Visit
July 25    Zoo
July 26    Pick-up Emma Claire's passport and fly to Guangzhou
July 27    Medical exam and visa photo
July 28    Sightseeing---Chen Family Temple
July 29   Sightseeing Yuexiu Park
July 30    Consulate Appointment
July 31    Pick-up Emma Claire's U.S. Visa and take afternoon train to Hong Kong
Aug. 1    Return to U.S.

Two weeks tomorrow we leave!!

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