Weekend ReCap & Getting Ready to Go

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
So far this summer has been about two things: traveling to China to bring Emma Claire home and the drama that is buying and selling real estate.

Which means this summer hasn't been the most fun for Oliver and Chloe.

But, we have kept busy with swim practices and swim meets, kart racing and boating.

This past weekend was no exception. Chloe had a swim meet at Princeton U. again and a sleepover and a kart race on Sunday.

Here's some weekend randomness---
Somehow Oliver ended up in big sister's bed for the night.

Oliver at the trophy ceremony with his favorite driver, Chloe.

Both kids went on the podium to accept Dad's 2nd place trophy. Matt made the comment that in a few weeks we will have a full podium of kids.

The best looking podium fillers ever.   
Chloe came in 2nd in Micro. She has a regional race this coming weekend.

I am packed and ready to go. Thursday morning the journey begins.

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