Oliver's Go-Kart

Monday, July 08, 2013
Oliver finally wanted to go in the go-kart!! Matt removed all of Chloe's stickers off her kid kart and Oliver wanted to ride in it. Ollie calls it his "Ferrari kart" because it is red. The motor wasn't ever turned on and Matt pulled Oliver with a rope as he steered and waved to the neighbors who came out to see the action.
Matt is clearing off the stickers and setting up the set to fit Oliver.

Looking cool in the driver's seat.

Safety helmet.

Cruising the neighborhood.

Making Daddy do the hard work while Oliver waves to the neighbors.

Small steps.

He's not ready to actually start the motor and drive, but it's a pretty big step for Oliver to want to sit in the kart and have Matt pull him while he steers. He told us the other day that he will be ready to drive the kart when he is "thirteen".

I think he will be a little TOO big for a kid kart at that age.

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