Swim Meet

Tuesday, July 02, 2013
We spent the vast majority of our weekend at a two-day swim meet at Princeton. Being a swim parent comes with its own set of rules. One, swim meets are LONG. Once you factor in the warm-up time, you are looking at minimum 4 hours for a well-run, well-organized swim meet. But, most swim meets average in the 5 hour category. A lot of that time is spent sitting, waiting for your child's heat to be called. In our area, since space is limited, most of the sitting is done in a gymnasium or hallway crammed to maximum capacity.
But, this weekend's swim meet was a Princeton U. and they have a very nice pool and lots of space for spectators (which is NEVER the case at our other meets). But, it was still 5 hours of sitting on both Saturday and Sunday!
The whole family attends swim meets. For the kids, it's lots of fun and play. For the adults, it's lots of sitting, organizing swim goggles, food, swim caps and wet towels and trying to get your child to pay attention to the event and heat #.
Matt spent his time looking at cars----
Chloe swam breast, freestyle and backstroke both days. It's long course season, which means the shortest distance is 50m. She swam two 50s and a 100m on Saturday and two 100m and one 50m on Sunday. She then got up at 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning for swim practice. To say she is a little tired this week is an understatement. She gets in the car after practice, eats and is asleep in 5 minutes.
Swim meets are fun for Chloe, as they should be.

Swim meets are probably the most fun for Oliver, who is a celebrity at these things. On Sunday, he was in high demand between his two girlfriends. After 5 hours at the meet, Oliver didn't want to go. He keeps asking when Chloe's next swim meet will be.

Chloe continues to practice in the mornings, but this meet was most likely her last on this swim team. She will be switching to a new swim team once we move to NY state. The coach of the new swim team swam for our current team though. She is very excited to have Chloe on the team.

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