Club Racing in the Heat

Sunday, July 07, 2013
It was a hot one this weekend!! The humidity was 65% and the temps were in the mid-90s.  Chloe has two club races this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. We went up to the track on Saturday morning and spent the night.

Saturday the awards were at a local restaurant & bar that sponsors some of the track races. The food is notoriously horrible at this restaurant (best to just stick with the drink) and even when it is a free buffet we still decline.

Chloe came in 2nd both days in Micro.

Playing around before the awards ceremony in the courtyard.

Since we were heading out to grab a bite, we volunteered to take some of our track kids out to dinner and let their parents embibe and enjoy some adult conversation.  We went to Chloe's favorite--the local pizza/pasta place. Four boys and 1 girl. We cleared the restaurant out pretty quickly! The kids were well-behaved and they had fun. Oliver loved the attention and having the big boys eat dinner with him. Chloe always loves being around her track pals.
The "track rats".

The big news on Saturday was that the new national rankings came out for Micro and Chloe is ranked #11 in the nation. She was so proud. She has a lot of races under her belt for the season and we expect once some of the other drivers catch up in races that she will settle in around #20 in the nation. We are so proud of her and all that she has accomplished in her short driving career. She loves it and it has done so much for her confidence.

Matt is also ranked nationally for DD2. I guess I can claim that I live with some of the top kart drivers in the nation!

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