A Gift for Emma Claire

Sunday, June 23, 2013
After receiving our travel approval on Friday, I took the kids to B*uild*a*Be*ar at the mall. I had promised them we would go for their birthdays a couple of weeks before. We decided to combine their birthday stuffed animals with a stuffed animal they created together for Emma Claire.
They unanimously decided on a panda bear for Emma Claire. Chloe asked me if I thought at 9 she was too old for B-A-B. I told her she could just make a stuffed animal for her little sister if she felt she was beyond B-A-B. She instantly picked out a racing bear for herself. I guess that answered that question.
Oliver had a harder time deciding for himself but eventually settled on Pa*trick Star from Sp*onge B*ob.
Oliver was obsessed with the sound creator. He and Chloe made a sound chip to put in Emma Claire's panda of their voices saying "Hi Emma Claire, this is Oliver, your big brother!" and "Hi, Emma Claire, this is Chloe, your big sister!"

Chloe "washing" Emma Claire's panda.

Emma Claire's stuffed panda, created by her big sister and big brother--

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