Lots Going On!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
We've had lots to celebrate the last month and LOTS going on. We're also trying to fit in some fun time to relax and enjoy the summer. Here's a recap of the last few days---
Our current house is officially "under contract" with the buyers and we had the home inspection. Moving along....

Matt and I celebrated 15 years of marriage by dining al fresco at a new restaurant. It was a lovely evening. We had plans to go to a local drive-in movie theatre after dinner but it was such a nice night on the patio of the restaurant we lingered and then went for coffee and a walk in the cute downtown area.

We got the boat out of storage and hit the lake with the kids. Oliver is swimming now so he got to ride on the tube with big sis Chloe. He was all smiles that he was finally able to ride the tube.

Chloe's Brownie troop had their end of the year pool party.

Little brother Oliver got to come to the pool party too. Once again he was thrilled to get to be included and even secured a return invite to swim because of his mad diving skills!!

Perhaps I am developing a stroller addiction? After I purchased a single jog stroller back in May, Matt asked why I didn't purchase a double jog stroller. When I came across the "Cadillac of jog strollers" that rarely goes on sale for 30% off, I jumped on the deal just in time before they sold out. Oliver, Chloe and I took it for its first spin and it got three thumbs up!!

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