Regional Race

Tuesday, June 04, 2013
We went on a road trip. Dogs. Kids. Karts. Giant RV being towed. 7 LONG hours away. For one day of racing.

But, it was fun. AND, we had to get out of the house so it could be shown and we can sell it.

Both Chloe and Matt drove in the regional race. It was held outside Pittsburgh in the middle of nowhere. So middle of nowhere that my one year old car with navigation couldn't navigate it. Not mapped nowhere.

But, it was good to get away from the stress of getting the house ready, obsessing on our Article 5, and negotiating to buy another house and worrying about when we would travel to China vs. when we would be able to close.

We had a good time. Chloe did some good driving. It was quality family time doing something we enjoy (well, except for the 7 hour drive both ways).

We left our house on Thursday evening, went and picked up the RV that we had already packed and hit the road. We drove half way and "camped" in a Wal-Mart parking lot smack dab in the middle of Pennsylvania. Matt even went grocery shopping for weekend supplies at midnight while the kids and I slept.

We woke in the morning to the smell of horse manure and found we were blocking the hitching post for the Amish who come shopping at Wally World. Luckily we weren't keeping any of them from hitting the aisles.

We hit the road again and arrived at the track mid-morning Friday. The track was great. The facilities were not. Like one electrical plug for 30 RVs. And it was hot and humid.

We camped with our track pals and the kids played and it was a good, fun weekend. But, we were there to race and to test out Chloe's new racing engine which proved a little disappointing.

Chloe came in 3rd overall. A good result, especially when the #1 kid in the country shows up to race.

The racetrack, camp set-up. Dust everywhere.

Matt taking his DD2 off the track after practice.

The kids enjoying some down time in between sessions.

Oliver, being silly as always.

Chloe (#14) getting ready to hit the track for practice with the #1 rated Micro driver in the country behind her.

This kid is awesome.

So is this one. He has his "ninja sticks" here---they are extra blind rods we found while cleaning the house. He loves them.

Matt on track.

Chloe in the mix.

And I cooked dinner for everyone every night. IN. AN. RV.

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