Ready to Celebrate

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Hopefully we will have lots to celebrate in the next week. That's what I am banking on anyway.
  • We have an offer on our current house and we are in "Attorney Review". Next Stop--"Under Contract".
  • One week under our belt waiting for our Travel Approval and the Dragon Boat Festival is over and everything SHOULD be back in working order (finger's crossed). Ready to celebrate our TA---ANY.DAY.NOW.*
  • Our passports and Chinese visas are scheduled to be returned. YEA! All we need is the TA to get on the plane!!!
  • We are officially "under contract" on our new house. We signed all the documents yesterday, had our inspection the day before and are lining up contractors for bids on some work we want done and for movers.
Oliver trying on Matt's sunglasses while Matt signs the contracts on the new house.

There is a little "reading nook" in what will be Emma Claire's room that the kids love to play in when we are at the new house.

The previous owners used the barn as a workout facility. Chloe had to "inspect" the chin up bars in the barn.

And, not to be outdone, Oliver had to give it a try.

  • Tomorrow is Chloe's 9th birthday.
  • Sunday is Oliver's 4th birthday and Father's Day.
  • Celebrating the kids birthdays with friends/Godparents on Saturday and hanging out at the track on Sunday celebrating.
  • Only 11 more days of school!!!!
Lots to celebrate and lots to look forward to celebrating!!!!

*If we get TA in the next couple of days, we could leave the 27th or 28th of June, but as the clock ticks that becomes more unlikely. As time passes, it seems that departure should be the week of July 14th giving us time for a week in Emma Claire's province and then be in Guangzhou for the re-opening of the consulate in the new location. Fingers crossed.

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