Race Weekend ReCap

Monday, June 10, 2013
After the kids end of the year concerts on Friday, we headed to the Catskills for the regional race weekend for the "Golden Ticket" to the world finals. Lots of racers came out for this event.
It was a race weekend of highs and some lows.

  • Chloe had her best lap times ever in her new motor but she didn't make it to the podium which was bittersweet for her.

  • Chloe was involved in an on-track accident and the kid behind flipped and landed on top of Chloe's kart. They were looking right at each other. Chloe was unharmed but her steering wheel has wheel marks on it. The other kid was shaken but thankfully, fine.

  • Discovered that while the kids have made some great pals and we have become good friends with other families at the track, there are just some kids that you want your children to avoid---kids that have little supervision, manners or discipline and is just a bully.

Now, on to some weekend photos---

Oliver is obsessed with putting grass in his hair lately. He thinks it is hysterical.

Matt had some competition in his DD2 class.

Getting into starting formation.

Chloe had some great lap times and she got lots of compliments from some top karters and coaches in the country.

Ninja Oliver.

Racing was two days--Saturday and Sunday. Some people went to their hotels on Saturday or drove home and missed the podium awards. Can you tell who the "fill in" was? His sister may not have had a podium finish, but he certainly had the time of his life---

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