Tuesday, June 04, 2013
I'm sitting in a parking lot eating lunch with Oliver and the two dogs while our house is being shown. I also have a garbage bag full of laundry with me. We get to return at 2 pm. 

We haven't heard if our Article 5 was picked up today as scheduled. I am assuming it was since we haven't heard from our agency that more evidence was requested. I know some people get an email from the US Consulate in Guangzhou when their A5 is complete. We didn't. 

Now on top of wondering if our A5 is complete and we are now officially waiting for TA (Travel Approval) I get to reevaluate when we will travel. I heard today from another AP that the US Consulate in Guangzhou is moving and all visa processing will cease mid-July during the move. 

So, in the last few steps to travel we have or will be delayed by a mysterious white powder at the consulate, a CCCWA new computer system, a national holiday in China (Dragon Boat Festival) and the US Consulate moving. 

Come on TA!!! Get us to China ASAP/PDQ!!! I've had enough.

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Anonymous said...

Release the stress, go race a kart this weekend.