Official Wait for TA Begins!!

Friday, June 07, 2013
Today is the official start of waiting for our Travel Approval (TA) from China. Our Article 5 was picked up by our agency from the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou on Tuesday We've completed all the necessary checks for the U.S. to make sure that Emma Claire meets all the qualifications for an immigrant visa. Now we wait for the official invitation from the Chinese government to travel to China and complete the adoption.

It generally takes two to four weeks to receive travel approval but some people have gotten TA in as little as 8 days. As I wrote before, things are up in the air a bit since there seems to be some glitches in the new computer system installed by the ministry that oversees adoptions in China and there is a national holiday next week AND the U.S. Consulate is moving in July and shutting down for 2 weeks. 

I truly hope and pray our TA comes quickly. We would very much like to travel in July. We have a lot of plates spinning right now and a lot of them hinge on when we travel to China. 


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