Around the Track

Monday, October 01, 2012
Photos taken over the last two + weeks at the track. The season is winding down and Chloe is winning the kid kart championship handily. Thanks to two days off from school for Jewish holidays, we have had some extra practice time at the track mid-week when its quiet.
Oliver snagged his sister's headband and wore it around the track like this. He thought he was one cool kid.

Oliver assisting Matt trackside. Oliver has become more hands-on at the track, fetching tools and helping clean the karts. He also offers some coaching advice from time to time.

Matt and Chloe at the track on the Rosh Hashanah holiday.

 Matt and some pals organzied teams and drove in a Enduro Kart race event at the track one weekend. Its a 3-hour enduro race in the rental karts for a two-person team.
Bryan starting his teammate, Fernando's kart.

The starting line-up for the Enduro race.

Oliver has become more involved at the track. He likes to mess about in the garage, organize tools and brush off debris on the kart tires. He also has started paying attention to the races and I really enjoy listening to his commentary. His take on the action is entertaining.
Oliver yelling at his sister to make a pass on the driver she was following in a Microqualifying heat. He kept yelling, "Come on Chloe, you can do it. Pass 'em. Pass 'em. Wooooo-hoooo." He kept repeating the phrase over and over. I tried to video tape it, but another karter walked up to talk to Oliver just as I had the camera ready. The funny thing about this was Matt was on the track yelling a very similar chant to Chloe during this qualifyer as she was stuck behind this slower driver.

Chloe got a new race suit. It's black. Yes, the pink suit is darling, everyone with a daughter who drives asks us where we bought it and I was even contacted by people who saw Chloe's photos on the internet about where they can get a neon pink suit for their girl racer. Word of warning---pink, or any light colored suit for that matter gets FILTHY!! I couldn't take scrubbing grease and dirt stains out of the legs, arms and backside of the suit. So, on a more practical level, we bought Chloe a black race suit and I spent the better part of a day driving from embroidery place to embroidery place in north Jersey to find someone willing to embroider the race suit for us. No one would do it. They all would tell me that it couldn't be done and that you had to have it done before the suit is sewn together by the manufacturer. Ugh! Finally, one of the embroidery shops I went to was honest and told me that it couldn't be done because most places embroider shirts, towels, etc. and they are easy and therefore their machines are these huge cumbersome things that can only have stuff fed into it one way. In other words, they recommended I go find someone with a embroidery sewing machine or the people at the kiosk in the mall. Did it and it got done. Chloe's name is in bright pink stitching on the front and back and the lady who embroidered the suit thought it would be cute to add Chloe's name in iron-ons down the leg so it could really be seen. Chloe loves it, and you can totally see her name when she is driving.
Chloe's new black suit. What's my name again?
Oliver got to ride the carousel and get a monster truck schoolbus while we waited for the race suit to get embroidered.

I had to include this photo. I love Chloe's squishy face in her helmet. Darling.

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