Regional Race Weekend

Saturday, October 27, 2012
Matt and Chloe went to south Jersey for the Rot*ax Regionals. The national rankings came out last week and Chloe is ranked #63 in the nation in Micro. The majority of kids ranked in the top 100 on the list come from the east coast, primarily from our home track. So the regional race this weekend would be a premiere race with some of the best kid karters in the country.

This was Chloe's first race not at OVRP and at a much longer racetrack, so we were a bit nervous on how she would do. She did great.

Oliver and I stayed at home. Oliver had his fall concert at pre-school and we had to prep for Hurricane Sandy. Since the regional race was at a track about 30 miles from where Hurrican Sandy would make landfall, the two-day race was condensed into a one-day race on Saturday so everyone could leave the area on Sunday. This meant Chloe had to drive twice as many races in one day as normal.

I was able to check in with Matt on how Chloe was doing via cell phone and a race app that shows live timing and results at participating tracks.

The micros raced with the minis, that's why the times are combined.
Chloe came in third and got a cool plaque/trophy. She pulled out a great pass on one of her fellow racers to take 3rd place. It was awesome driving.

We are eagerly awaiting the national rankings as we expect Chloe to jump into the top 50 micro drivers in the nation.

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