Cheer & Swim

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chloe had both cheer and swimming on Saturday. We had to be at the football field at 8 a.m. and afterwards, we headed to Chloe's first team swim meet of the fall.

 Of course, Chloe tried to con me into letting her squeeze a playdate in between cheer and swimming. It didn't happen.

Chloe swam butterfly, breast stroke and on the relay team. The last photo was taken by a professional photographer who emailed the photos out to the team parents. You can definitely tell a difference between my terrible point and shoot photo and his.

Chloe did great at the meet considering her competition was twice the size of her. Seriously. I thought of demanding to see a birth certificate. She was three times the size of any other kid at the starting block.

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