The No School Photo Session

Tuesday, October 09, 2012
I took the kids to have their photos taken at the mall. Trying to prep for the Holiday's and order cards early.

Not to brag or anything, but isn't this the cutest little boy in the world? He was so good and cooperative during the photo shoot. (I should have known it would go to hell in a handbasket afterwards)

I call this "Mr. GQ, Jr.". I could eat him up. He had a matching blazer for this outfit and I nearly cried he looked so darling.

Do you see Oliver's signature stance here?

The kids were only supposed to wear one outfit for the photo shoot, but Chloe was distressed that her original outfit didn't have a necktie and she threw in the navy outfit. I had to scramble to find something Oliver could wear to match.

She likes the blazer, but didn't care for the rest.
Now, I am off to order Christmas cards--the early bird gets the worm and they are all on sale now.


Anonymous said...

Cutest kids ever! So lucky to have such sweet and adorable grandkids.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful kids, both inside and out... Miss seeing the little buggers.

- Aunt D