Halloween Decoration

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
In the past I have assembled "pumpkin people" that resemble each of us as our Halloween/Fall decorations for the front yard or some big hay bale/mum decoration. I have even decorated the yard during the "great pumpkin fiasco" when Oliver believed pumpkins were balls and tried to throw them all over the yard. But, this year our village is cracking down on lead removal and making it harder to dispose of hay bales and pumpkins. As a result, I decided to skip the pumpkin people and the hay bale.

I opted to plant mums in the usual pumpkin people spot. It was colorful, it was bright. I was happy.

Then, several people asked why I didn't decorate for Halloween this year.

No one ever really commented, well, the first year I did the pumpkin people, our house was in the local paper, but for the years afterwards, no one commented. Until I didn't put it up anymore.

I decided to switch things up. I saw this Halloween decorating blog post and decided that the spider pumpkins were cute and went with the theme.

Making the spider pumpkins wasn't as easy for me as she described. I found the correct pipes at our home improvement warehouse, but they didn't have any elbows that would join the two pipes of the legs together in black, so I had to spray paint white ones. It was an easy fix, but an extra step.

I changed the eyes up, but may go with larger, plastic eyes. I hot glued the pipes together and ran out of glue sticks in the middle of assembling the legs and had to go to the craft store to purchase more. All Halloween items were half off and I found the transfer spiders and spider webs for the white pumpkins. I thought it was cute.

I also made the door mat, which was super easy. However, it rained all today and it is totally wet and dirty now. Perhaps when it dries off I will include a better photo. You can make it out from the top steps .

The finished product....

Deco mesh pumpkin wreath on door from Etsy, pumpkin mums from the Home D***ot, pumpkins from our local gardening center and the pumpkin spider and cob web door mat completely copied but assembled by me and Chloe. (Ignore the extra pansies I have yet to find a home for on the right of the photo and our silver, obnoxious milk delivery crate on the left)


Anonymous said...

Love it! Too cute!

Meow Opre said...

yessssssssss! thanks for these Halloween decoration ideas . This year’s Halloween is going to be more creative and hopefully cheap too. lol :D