The Race Breakdown

Monday, October 15, 2012
It was a race weekend, a double-header. Races both Saturday and Sunday. Matt and Chloe spent two nights at the track, camping in the RV. Oliver and I made the back and forth each day. It was 25 degrees in the Catskills on Saturday morning. No thanks.

Everything went as planned at the race on Saturday....
But, coming in first place was second-fiddle to the other exciting things going on at the track---lots of Wooly Bear caterpillars crawling all over the place.

Oliver could spot one a mile away. I didn't notice them, but Oliver could always point them out.

Besides the caterpillars, there was lots of playing with friends and general goofing off. Oliver took to riding Chloe's scooter around the track (at very slow speeds and with me beside him) and he also enjoyed putting on a show.

This was completely staged by Oliver. He knocked the scooter over (he wasn't even on it), laid down, made this face and yelled, "Mom, get the camera and take a picture!".
Sunday's race was a different story. Chloe dominated during qualifying of kid kart and before the final race, Matt asked her what her strategy was for the race. Her response, "Strategy? This is going to be easy."

So she thought.

Here's the story of Sunday's kid kart race in photos:

The starting lineup--getting in formation to start the race. Chloe is starting in the second row on the left.

The first lap. Chloe is in 3rd.

The second lap--Chloe has passed one racer and is now in 2nd.

3rd lap and closing in on 1st place.

Making the pass on the straight and taking 1st place.

And the kart stops just after the pass. Matt is running on the track to see if he can help get the kart going.

And she's back off. She's now in last place by about 1/2 a track.

And, the kart quit for good and she gets trailered off.
It didn't prove to be that easy, especially when your chain won't stay on and turn the motor. It was Chloe's 1st DNF of the season.

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