Sports Camp

Tuesday, October 02, 2012
Oliver at bat. See the baseball bat above his head? Bam, Bam!

Oliver has been taking a sports class at a sports dome facility nearby. There are three boys in the class and it is possibly the cutest class ever. The kids have so much fun. The "coach" works on teamwork and basic skills of soccer, lacrosse, baseball, field hockey and football.

Oliver's favorites are soccer and football. He seems to enjoy field hockey a bit. Lacrosse and baseball seem to be a bit of a mystery to him.

At today's sports class, they worked on baseball and Oliver refused to stand sideways to bat. Coach called him "Bam, Bam" because he wants to swing standing straightforward and smash the bat at the ball like its a club.

Lets just say if Oliver grows up and plays baseball I will be really surprised.

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