Big Sis Saves the Day

Friday, October 05, 2012
Sorry kid, I don't care how cute you are, you lost my vote when you colored on my walls! I have no photographic evidence of the coloring--it was green, by the way, because big sister came to the rescue.

"Mom, stay here so you don't get mad, " Oliver told me as I was folding clothes in my room before taking the kids to school. "Stay here mom," he stressed. "Don't go into Chloe's room, the bathroom or my room," he told me, putting his hand out in front of me.

"Why will I get mad Oliver?" I asked, concerned.

"I painted them," he told me.

I walked into the hallway to discover Chloe, with a magic eraser sponge wiping the last remaining marks of crayon off her door.

It seems Oliver has a big sister that looks out for him. He had taken crayons to her door and the bathroom. She caught him before he made it to his room to "paint" it and attempted to remove the evidence without my knowing.

And, this incident so gets their personalities right now. Chloe cleaned it all up, trying to avoid me seeing the colors, not because she's sneaky (well, maybe a little), but because she didn't want me to get upset and she didn't want Oliver to get in trouble. She wanted to avoid the conflict. Oliver, well, we are taking bets that he will be a color analyst for sports some day because everything in life right now is a play by play. This kid doesn't leave anything out. He tells all.

Chloe's  a sweet big sister.

And, I'm thankful I don't like flat paint--eggshell or semi-gloss all the way---it cleans better.

***We are in the process of restyling Oliver's room to a big boy room and I have been patching and cleaning his walls in preparation for painting. He has been asking when we are painting his room and telling me he wants to paint it NOW. I guess he couldn't wait any longer.***

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